The Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda is a popular and busy cruise port. Being the largest pier on the island, most newer cruise ships dock at this port when traveling to Bermuda. Given the high tourism traffic, the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda offers a wide variety of activities, dining, and shopping that are all within walking distance from the cruise ships.

Royal-Naval-Dockyard-Map-2016-1Map of Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda (source)

Of course, Bermuda also offers plenty of things to do if you want to travel beyond the port, but with so much to do in the Dockyard, you might decide to just stay local. In this post, we explore the area with a walk around the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda.

Exploring the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

When you sail into Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf, you will immediately notice several different buildings surrounding the port area. All of them are easy accessible by foot, and walking around the Dockyard during the day or night is perfectly safe. So get out there and explore.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

When you disembark from your ship, you will walk through the Visitor’s Center. The friendly Bermudians will be happy to assist in planning your day, whether you want to purchase passes for transportation, gather some information on local attractions and tours, or ask directions. We purchased tokens for the ferry to St. George here during our 5 night Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaCosts of Transportation Leaving the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

As you make your way down the pier, islanders will be there to help you with your transportation needs. Unlike some stops in the Caribbean, they are cordial and not pushy. There are several modes of transportation around the island, and estimated prices for taxis, mini-buses, public buses, and ferries are clearly marked. If you continue walking straight through the crowds, you come across the ferry entrances off to the left.  Here, regular ferry trips to Hamilton and St. George depart every weekday. You can buy day passes, which include ferry admission and public bus fare, or just purchase ferry tokens.

Anthem of the Seas Review BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Ferry

Beyond the transportation area, set your eyes on the original Royal Naval Dockyard Building. This 200 year old fort was deteriorating until the government revitalized it in the 1980s, making it one of the most visited areas of the island.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

If you head right, you can make a circle around the Victualling Yard on the aptly named Maritime Lane. In this direction, you will first find the Keep Fortress which houses the National Bermuda Museum and Dolphin Quest. Dolphin Quest is one of the more popular excursions, offering several different programs for travelers of all ages and swimming abilities.

For history buffs, the National Museum of Bermuda is open daily from 9:30am to 5:00pm and costs $15 a person for adults. Here, you can explore 500 years of island history with several exhibits and interactive displays.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaBermuda National Museum at the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

As we continue this trek around the Royal Naval Dockyard, you will come upon the family friendly Fun Golf. This is like mini-golf for those back in the states, just on steroids. You can test your putting skills day or night on this 18 hole course as it is open from 10am to 10pm with holes designed after famous golf courses across the world. Admission is $15.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Fun Golf

If you’d rather just relax, the Snorkel Park Beach is adjacent to the Fun Golf. It is a moderate size beach and is the closest beach to the cruise ships.  Admission is 5 dollars, and chairs and other equipment are also available to rent. We visited the beach at night, where there is dancing, a DJ, and plenty of rum swizzles as part of the Aqua Club (cover charge $10 after 10pm). Even though it was dark, the beach looked clean and offers a protected cove for swimming and snorkeling.

Best Things to Do in BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Snorkel Park

As you round the corner heading back towards the center, you will pass the Bermuda Rum Cake Company and Dockyard Glassworks. They were going through renovations during our trip to Bermuda, so we were not able to watch any baking or glass blowing demonstrations. Luckily, they had set up shop at the Clocktower Shopping Mall, so the Princess was still able to purchase a few goods.

Best Things to Do in BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Rum Cake Company and Glassworks

While we have just made a circle around the perimeter, we have not forgotten about the central portion. Here, there are several merchants selling duty free liquor, t-shirts and other keepsakes at stores like Island Outfitters, as well as fine clothing at the new Crown and Anchor store.

If you are looking for something homemade, the Bermuda Craft Market should be on your list. Admittedly, it was smaller than other craft markets, but at least we were able to get a Bermuda ornament for our vacation Christmas tree that was made on the island, not in China.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Shopping

If you want to grab a bit to eat, there are a few restaurants here, including the cruiser favorite Frog and Onion Pub. We did not have the chance to dine at any of the island restaurants, but the food did smell appetizing.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaInside the Courtyard of Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

If you do not feel like walking all the way around this loop, you can use the cut through at the courtyard area. It can be a quiet reprieve from the crowds and makes for some great photo opportunities.

If you are in the mood for more shopping and exploration, head down Camber Road. The Bermuda Clayworks will be on your right. Here, you can purchase handmade pottery and other ceramic items.

Anthem of the Seas Review BermudaRoyal Naval Dockyard Bermuda Clocktower Mall

For us, we headed straight for the Clocktower Shopping Mall. You can’t miss this impressive building with two towers, one showing the current time and the other showing the time of high tide. The building used to be a solider’s warehouse when the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda was a functioning military operation. Now, it house many shops and boutiques, complete with both an ice cream and fudge store.

Even with ships docked overnight, much of the area closes up early. But, it might still be worth a walk around the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda to grab some picturesque photos of your ship and the surroundig boats in the wharf.

Royal Naval Dockyard BermudaAnthem of the Seas in the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda


Have you visited the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda? What are your favorite things to do when docked here on a cruise to Bermuda? Drop us an anchor below to let us know what you like to do in the Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda.

Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda

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