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Cruises might be known for a little over indulging when it comes to dining, but they are also known for a wide variety of activities and shows.  Nothing could be more diverse than the Anthem of the Seas entertainment. With several unique venues featuring multiple shows and parties, this ship offers something for everyone. Trying to fit everything in during your cruise could be a challenge, that is why we put together this insider’s guide to all the Anthem of the Seas entertainment.

Anthem of the Seas Review Bermuda

An Insider’s Guide to Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

Signature Entertainment

There are three signature shows that occur on every cruise. These shows can be booked prior to your cruise using the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner or once you are onboard. These shows do fill up quickly, so book the main Anthem of the Seas shows as soon as possible to ensure you get a chance to see them.

We Will Rock You

Performed in the Royal Theater, this full length stage show brings 24 songs from the historic rock band Queen to life in what is dubbed a “futuristic comedy”.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

Lasting about two hours, rock fans will enjoy the show, even if the plot is rather silly.  The crowd did wax and wane during our performance, but the finale really makes up for the lulls in the beginning. On our five day cruise, there were 3 performances- an evening show on day one, then a matinee and evening performance on day 2.  On longer sailings, there may be additional performances.

The Gift

Featuring the same cast as We Will Rock You, this original Royal Caribbean production centers around the arrival of a magical gift. The one hour long show that also takes place in the Royal Theater takes you on a mystical journey to help a family overcome grief. With modern music and some nifty stage effects and props, the show is one of the better production shows we have seen on a cruise.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

While the show is meant for all ages, it centers around overcoming the death of a loved one, so you might want to consider the theme before taking your kids to the show.  On our five night cruise, The Gift was presented on the last two nights with three separate show times.


Spectra’s Cabaret

Of the Anthem of the Seas entertainment offerings, Spectra’s Cabaret is one of the most unique. Performed in Two70, employing the technological enhancements of the roboscreens and vistaramas, this show plays most evenings of the cruise. Spectra and his Agents of Rhythm are there to wow you as they sing and dance in a cabaret performance that is unlike anything like you have ever seen before.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

The incorporation of modern music and technology give the show depth and dimension. Just shy of an hour, the show is visually stunning with its kaleidoscope of sounds, vibrant colors, and rhythm but seems to lack cohesion and any real story line. In our opinion, after seeing Star Water on Quantum of the Seas last year, this show was a bit of a letdown.

Other Night Time Entertainment

The Main Theater

On top of the three signature shows, the Anthem of the Seas entertainment lineup also includes your traditional headliner acts. None of these shows can be pre-booked prior to the cruise or onboard. These Anthem of the Seas entertainment offerings are first come, first serve, with the theater opening about 45 minutes prior to showtime.

On our 5 night cruise, the “Welcome Aboard Show” featured the comedy of Carl Banks, who also did a late night comedy show on the second night.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

There was also a second Headliner act mid-cruise, the acapella group Mo5aic. They performed two shows on day 3 in the theater and a completely different encore show on Day 4 in the Music Hall. Mo5aic is probably one of the best headliner acts that we have seen on a cruise to date.

Of the Anthem of the Seas entertainment, none of these shows can be prebooked prior to the cruise or when onboard. They are first come, first serve, with the theater opened about 45 minutes prior to showtime

The main theater is also home to game shows like the Love and Marriage show, which took place during the daytime on the last day of our cruise. 3D movies and other shows may also take place in the main theater on longer cruises, so be sure to check the cruise compass for all showtimes.


Spectra’s Cabaret is the main attraction during the evenings at Two70, but it is not the only entertainment in this venue. Utilizing some amazing technology, this venue also features virtual concerts and symphonies.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment(Source)

These “live” performances transport you to another location as you listen to awarding winning artists perform different musical compositions from genres including jazz and contemporary classics.  On our cruise, there were two showings for both performances, which again were first come, first serve.

Anthem of the Seas Review Bermuda

Also be on the lookout for vistaramas, large screensaver-like animations that play during down times in the evening at Two70 on the 12k high definition screens. During sea days, you may also find some roboshows in Two70. These short stories told by the six robotic arms combine depth, animation, and artistic expression in a way that you have never seen before. We definitely recommend catching a few of the roboshow selections. Our personal favorite is Dance in a Box.

The Music Hall

One of our favorite venues, the Music Hall is home to all things music- from rock to pop and everything in between. For live music lovers, this venue typically houses the Tribute Bands, cover bands of popular musical artists.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

On our 5 night Anthem of the Seas cruise, DSB, a Journey cover band, rocked the boat. We have also seen Wanted, a Bon Jovi tribute band, on Quantum of the Seas. The lineup rotates with tribute bands paying homage to legends like The Police, Aerosmith, U2, and more.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

The Music Hall is also home to several parties. You can get down at the Groovy Town Party, featuring 70’s funk, or rock out at the Anthem Rocks Party, featuring all things rock and roll . If you prefer to party in your own little world, then you must check out the Silent Party.

During the five days of our cruise, there were five different parties. In addition to the three parties held in the Music Hall, the Glow Party, a neon inspired affair, took place in the Sea Plex, and the adult White Party was held in the Solarium.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

No tickets or reservations are needed for any of these parties, but the dance floor and seats do fill up quickly, so get there early.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment throughout the Ship

As if you needed more to do, you can also find live music and entertainment all throughout the ship.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

Piano music occurs most nights in the Schooner Bar, and pub classics are played in Michael’s Genuine Pub. Latin Dance music is available in Boleros, and you can sometimes find a DJ spinning tunes at the Bionic Bar.

SeaPlex on Anthem of the Seas

If you are looking for more family oriented fun, the SeaPlex is open until 11pm. Still looking for something to do? There is the Casino ready to take your deposits and the shops which are open during the evening for some duty free shopping.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

Once you’ve experienced the entire Anthem of the Seas entertainment lineup, you may work up an appetite for a late night snack. Sorrento’s and the Café Promenade will have you covered.



What is your favorite among the Anthem of the Seas entertainment? What shows or acts are you excited to see on the ship? Drop us an anchor below to share your experiences on this new Quantum-class ship.

Anthem of the Seas Entertainment

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