Why You Should Take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise

It's that time of year again for Bermuda cruise season. Located off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda offers crystal clear water, pink sandy beaches, and plenty of history. With a variety of ships visiting

Why You Should Take an Anthem of the Seas Cruise to Bermuda

It’s that time of year again for Bermuda cruise season. Located off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda offers crystal clear water, pink sandy beaches, and plenty of history. Given its position in the Northern Atlantic, cruises only visit Bermuda from April to October. With a variety of ships visiting this location, you can certainly find one that is right for you.  This week, we are actually sailing on an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise.

Bermuda_Island_ResizedIsland of Bermuda (source)

Why did we choose Anthem of the Seas to cruise to Bermuda? Well, there are plenty of reasons why this new mega-ship is the perfect vessel. Below, we have our top ten reasons to take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise.

Why You Should Take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise

Homeport Destination

Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ is perhaps one of the best departure ports in the Northeast. Just a stone’s throw away from New York City, you can explore all Manhattan has to offer without having to deal with too much congestion. Many hotels (see our picks for top Hotels Near Cape Liberty Cruise Port) are located in the New Jersey area that are about 20 minutes away from the cruise port and are close to public transit into the city. But, don’t count out New Jersey as a great pre-cruise destination as there are also some fun and exciting things to do without having to cross the Hudson River. Cape Liberty is the perfect commuter port for us New Englanders.

Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise

A Choice of Itineraries

Another great reason to take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise is the itinerary options. We decided to take the 5 day Bermuda Cruise; this cruise was just long enough for a nice retreat but did not eat up too much of our vacation time. It was also a great chance to get to see the island as the itinerary gives you a day and a half to explore the history and culture of Bermuda. You can also get a “taste” of Bermuda with additional stops in the Caribbean on an Anthem of the Seas 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean cruise. Here, you have one day to see Bermuda, and then you are on your way to other equally beautiful islands like Puerto Rico and St. Maarten.

Anthem of the Seas Bermuda CruiseOn a 9 Night Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise, You also Get to Visit San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Pre-Cruise Planning

The Princess and I are big time planners. So, when deciding to take our first cruise to Bermuda, we knew Anthem of the Seas was a great fit for us. Having sailed on her sister ship, Quantum of the Seas, we were accustomed to the layout and the pre-cruise planning. Using Royal Caribbean’s online cruise planner, you can reserve everything you need for your cruise including dinner reservations, entertainment reservations, shore excursions, drink packages, and more in advance. The Cruise Planner does take some getting used to for first timers, but once you get the hang of it, you will love the online calendar and features which makes planning your trip a breeze.

Royal Caribbean Drink Packages

The Technology

Anthem of the Seas is the perfect ship for those tech savvy cruisers. Anthem of the Seas features a smart check-in process and the fastest internet at sea, Voom, which means you can access social media and even stream video while onboard. Digital touch screens throughout the ship give you an up-to-date calendar to see what is happening throughout the day. You can also access this same information on the Royal IQ app for your smartphone. Technology is embedded in every aspect of the ship, including our favorite venue Two70. Anthem of the Seas also hosts the first robotic bartenders at sea at the Bionic Bar, serving up drinks ordered from an iPad.

Anthem of the Seas Bermuda CruiseRobot Bartenders are Among the Technology on an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise

The Food

A big part of the cruise experience is the food. Our decision to take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise was an easy choice given the variety of dining options. From the four themed complimentary dining rooms, to our preferred breakfast and lunch stop at Cafe Two70, the choices are endless. Specialty dining is also one of a kind on Anthem of the Seas. Wonderland, a culinary and visual journey through the looking glass, is a must for any foodie. Italian offerings at Jamie’s Italian, by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, is another great choice. Small bites are also available at Michael’s Genuine Pub, so you can snack while enjoying the custom brews at this venue.

Dynamic Dining Review Jamie's Italian


Bermuda is a beautiful destination, but you are not going to spend all of your time ashore. Luckily, when you take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise, you will have plenty of entertainment options onboard the ship. From the We Will Rock You Broadway show in the Main Theater to Spectra’s Cabaret in Two70, the nightly entertainment is anything but ordinary. You can also enjoy a cover band in the Music Hall, test your wits in the Puzzle Room, or partake in the diverse entertainment offered in the SeaPlex, including rolling skating, bumper cars, and even the flying trapeze. Not to mention, all of the other Royal Caribbean staples that you know and love.

Anthem of the Seas Bermuda CruiseWe Will Rock You on Anthem of the Seas, Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International ©

Indoor Pools

Unlike many southern departure points, the weather may not always be sunny and warm when cruising from Cape Liberty to Bermuda. Of course, we are hoping for great weather, but at least cruisers of all ages can still enjoy some pool time on an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.  For adults, the indoor Solarium offers a tranquil environment featuring a multi-tiered pool that is great for relaxing and enjoying a cocktail from the Solarium Bar. For families, the Indoor Pool is your escape for those rainy or cool sea days. Here, the kids can still enjoy some swimming under the comforts of a retractable roof.

Anthem of the Seas Bermuda CruiseIndoor Pool at the Solarium on a Quantum Class Ship

Overnight Stay

During most cruises, you get to explore a new location for the day and then head off to the next stop; however, the 5 day Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise features an overnight stay at the island. Not only can you enjoy the beaches and daytime activities, but you now have the opportunity for some nighttime fun. You can take a Bermuda Triangle nighttime cruise, head to Hamilton for the nightlife, or perhaps enjoy a bonfire on the beach. It’s all up to you without the worry of returning to the ship on time. Our first overnight stay in San Juan on Quantum of the Seas was a blast, so we can’t wait for some extra hours in Bermuda.

Anthem of the Seas BermudaQuantum of the Seas Lit up during an Overnight Stay in San Juan, PR

Flying High While Onboard

Featuring many firsts at sea, Quantum-class cruise ships have two of our favorite cruise innovations. The first is the aerial gondola, North Star, giving cruisers the opportunity to soar 300 feet above sea level. This gondola moves up and over the ship providing great vantage points of the open ocean, the cruise ship, or the current port of call. If you’d rather truly experience “flying”, the Ripcord by iFLY is your chance. This skydiving simulator lets you feel the rush of free falling safely from the outdoor decks of the cruise ship. Both high flying cruise features are musts for cruisers of all ages traveling on this ship.

Quantum of the Seas Review


If you aren’t already convinced to take an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda cruise, then perhaps learning more about the island will motivate you to hop onboard. The Royal Naval Dockyard has a rich history, but traveling beyond the port through the parishes of St. George and Hamilton, you can also explore old forts, caves, and other notable landmarks. If relaxing on sandy beaches is more your thing, then you will want to take advantage of one of the beautiful beaches like Horseshoe Bay Beach or Tobacco Bay Beach. Golfing, shopping and dining, and snorkeling in the Bermuda Triangle are also popular activities at this destination. There is certainly an activity that everyone will enjoy during a visit to Bermuda.


Have you cruised to Bermuda? Are you thinking of taking an Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise? Drop us an anchor below to let us know about your past or future cruises to this amazing destination. Help your fellow cruisers plan their ultimate Bermuda cruise.

 Anthem of the Seas Bermuda Cruise

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