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Dragon’s Breath Flight Line – Labadee Zip Line

Labadee, Haiti

Highlight: You will get an extreme rush as you zip down this half mile long cable line, on the the longest zip line over water. The only thing below you is the crystal clear, Caribbean waters and jealous on-lookers wishing they could experience this exhilarating ride. The Labadee zip line experience is great, and the view is even better!

What’s Missing: Even though it is advertised as such, it is still a disappointment that there is only one true zip line to experience on this excursion. For the price of this one ride, you would easily be able to experience multiple zip lines and adventure courses at other adventure parks and rainforest sites. While the one zip line ride is spectacular, it is quite pricey.

Main Takeaway: We love adventure and zip lines so this excursion was no exception. If you are an adrenaline junkie then the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is a must. If you are one of those people that must do everything when you visit a location then the Labadee zip line flight line should be included on your checklist for Labadee, Haiti. However, if you are budget conscious, there are definitely excursions at Labadee that you can thoroughly enjoy for less money.


Labadee zip lineFellow Cruisers Enjoying the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line

A Little Miscommunication

We had booked this excursion before sailing on Allure of the Seas back in 2013 and scheduled it for 11:30am, figuring the hour long excursion would get us back right in time for lunch. Perfect.

However after disembarking the ship and taking our own walking tour of the island, we were stuck in limbo as we did not really have enough time to begin any other activity yet were still too early for our excursion. So, we decided to head over to the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line early thinking perhaps we could simply get on an earlier tour as they ran every half hour.

Labadee Zip Line

When we got to the Labadee zip line check-in area, it was busy. This was to be expected as this excursion is the main attraction on the island. The 2,600 foot long zip line is the longest over water in the world. At a height of 500 feet above sea level, it is a wonder to be seen.

Only problem, it is the only zip line included in the excursion.

Labadee Zip LineTraveling at speeds of 40 MPH

I waited in line to check-in, explained our situation, and thought everything was good. The gentleman seemed like he understood what I was asking and gave us safety waivers to sign and complete. Once completed, we stored our belongings in a locker, were given bracelets, then escorted to a roped off area for a safety briefing and harness fitting.

Labdee Zip LineThe Princess is All Geared Up and Ready to Fly!

After about 10 minutes, they started calling out names to confirm attendance for the tour. Of course, our names were not called, so I went over to the tour operator to inquire. She checked the roster and then said, “Oh, you are on the next tour that leaves in 30 minutes!” I guess there was a little miscommunication somewhere here!

dsc00600DB Can’t Wait for this Flight!

So much for thinking we would get on an earlier excursion as this one was full, and we did indeed have to wait 30 minutes for our originally scheduled time slot. So, we sat in the loading area, complete in harness, waiting for the other members of our group to show up.

After thirty minutes or so, we got to hear the safety briefing and instructions again, and THEN we were off to the practice course.

You Need to Practice Sitting

The Princess and I had experienced zip lines before, but these were different, more modern and dummy-proof shall we say. On our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, we used zip lines that we had to manually brake by creating friction. On the Labadee zip line, you sit upright in a swing-like suspension, and they use weights to slow you down. You really have to do nothing but just sit back and enjoy the view.

Labadee Zip LinePractice Zip Line on Labadee, Haiti

At the practice run, the guide explained that first we would be doing a short zip line to familiarize ourselves with the different positions and commands. This was a little practice line, a couple hundred feet long and probably no more than 30 feet above the ground.

Based on your weight, you were instructed to assume a certain position during flight to ensure you made it down the zip line safely. Us heavier gentleman were to assume a starfish position, sitting in a position with our legs and arms spread out as wide as possible. This is done to slow down your zip line.

Thinner riders were instructed in a plank position, in which they get as flat as possible, to ensure they have enough speed to go down the zip line. Average riders, though the Princess considers herself anything but average, were instructed to just sit upright and hold on as they headed down the zip line.

On Our Way Up to the REAL Labadee Zip Line

Labadee zip lineAnd They Are Off

With the practice run under our belts, our group was loaded into a larger open air bus. The bus then proceeded outside of the confines of the resort area.

To get to the top of the largest zip line over water, you must traverse uneven terrain on your ascent up the hill. I guess that is why they utilize these heavy duty vehicles. As you make your way to the top, you can see a dormitory area where the locals who work at the resort must stay.

Labadee Zip LineTraveling Down the Largest Zip Line Over Water

Get Ready to Scream

Once at the top of the hill, we disembarked the open air bus and lined up on the landing platform.

We ended up being some of the last people to experience the zip line in our group. Not because we were afraid, but more so because of the setup. We wanted to ride the zip line side by side, but only four people are launched at a time, and they have to spread the weight out across the lines.

Labadee Zip LineGetting into the Right Position to Ride

When it was finally our turn, we were loaded and safety latches checked, then we were left to dangle for a bit…

With the anticipation building, it was a countdown, and we were off!

It was really an exciting ride. Not having to worry about much besides maintaining your assigned position for speed control, you really get to take in the sights. You are able to see the entire island, the ship right in front of you, and the crystal clear waters below you. But, in the blink of an eye, it is over.

Labadee Zip LineExperiencing the Final Section of the Zip Line

As you come hauling in at the bottom, be sure to smile as staff will be capturing this moment! Of course, we had the unlimited photo package, so why not?


Once down, you are unlatched from the line as quickly as possible and then directed to the check-in counter to return the harness system.


The entire excursion lasted about an hour. The Dragon’s Breath Flight Line was fun, but we probably would not spend that money again in the near future.


Have you visited Labadee, Haiti and taken a ride on the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line? Share your thoughts on this longest zip line over water to help fellow cruisers plan the perfect day in Labadee, Haiti for their next cruise vacation.

Dragon's Breath Flight Line

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