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Quantum of the Seas hosts three signature shows during most sailings. Of those shows, Starwater, which occurs in the innovative Two70, uses a mix of high definition technology, singing, and dancing to provide an all encompassing high energy show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Which, by the way, is much more comfortable than a typical theater seat.

StarWater Quantum of the Seas


On our 8-day Quantum of the Seas cruise, we were able to secure great seats, center stage with a nice little table. Now, we are here to report back to you on how impressive the show really was.

Early Arrival to Starwater on Quantum of the Seas

We always recommend getting to a cruise show early, but the benefits of arriving to Two70 early are even greater. We had heard that if you already had reservations for Starwater, when it came closer to showtime, staff would scan you in letting you remain in your seat, and ask those without reservations to exit.

Since Two70 is open during the daytime for guests to come and go as they wish, we headed over right after dinner, around 830pm, for our 1030pm showtime of Starwater.  We were able to get prime seats on the main floor of Deck 5, one level up from the stage. Lucky for us, there was a space Vistarama playing, so we were able to enjoy some cocktails from the Two70 bar while watching these high definition displays.


Pre-Show: Starwater Quantum of the Seas

The cruise staff started coming around by about 9:30pm asking those without reservations to leave. I had to run and grab our camera that was charging upstairs in our room, so I asked the staff to scan me in as I exited the venue, leaving the wife to secure our seats. When I came back, there was already a long line forming for the show, which I was able to walk right past and return to my seat.

They began letting standby in for the show around 10:15pm. The place was standing room only. Whatever you do, please book this show on the Cruise Planner and get there early, if you are standing in the back of Two70 you really can not see everything that is occurring.

Even though the show is scheduled for 10:30pm, the pre-show starts at 10:20pm. The dancers begin to enter the theater, walking through the audience.  Male performers walk around with costumes that look like they are theater ushers, and the female dancers were walking around in outfits from the 1920s era. As they make their way to the stage, Madonna’s “Vogue” starts playing, and they break into a choreographed dance. Go ahead, strike a pose…We will wait for you to get it out of your system!


The Muse Arrives

Starwater then begins with the arrival of the Muse, the main singer, who is the driving force behind the entire show. According to Royal Caribbean’s description of Starwater, the show revolves around this main character as she puts the performers under a “spell”, with the show exploring human desires as the entertainers journey from the stars to the sea.


All the while, the high definition, 12K Vistarama screens and the Roboscreens play supporting roles in this show as they incorporate images of the performers and the earthly elements to give the show animated backdrops with an immersive feel.

Not only is the technology a huge enhancement, but the music and choreography of the show are truly leaps and bounds above anything we have seen on a cruise ship. With modern music from the likes of Rhianna and Adele, interspersed with jazz and classical pieces, as well as high tempo covers of modern standards like “Feeling Good” and “Ain’t No Sunshine”, this is definitely not your typical cruise entertainment.


The design of Two70 allows the show to have a much more intimate feel that a normal stage production. The singers and dancers are also very high caliber, with many of the numbers including aerial feats. We were seated near one of these focal points, so many times throughout the show, we could see the performers literally dangling in front of us. As the show progresses, the tempo speeds up. By the end of the show, there is a ton of energy complete with fireworks on the Vistarama.  And, the Muse has restored the elements to normal!

The crowd is left spell bound as the show comes to a finale. But, the entertainment is not over yet. There is a StarWater after party that takes place following the conclusion of the show. The cruise director staff is on hand, and the audience is invited on the stage to dance to music by the resident DJ.

two70 Starwater

Even if you are not a theater goer, we highly recommend you see Starwater on Quantum of the Seas. This is a high energy show with an almost Great Gatsby-like feel with a modern twist. It corporates a great musical selection, amazing singers and dancers, aerial artists, and technological enhancements to provide a truly immersive and wonderful experience. We were actually thinking of seeing it for a second time from the balcony to get a new perspective, but unfortunately, the lines for standby were always very long.

So, if you are sailing on Quantum of the Seas make sure to pre-book your entertainment, especially Starwater. Then, make sure you get to Two70 early, grab a “Starwater” cocktail, sit back, and be prepared to be blown away by this musical masterpiece. You have been warned!



  • Length: 45 minute show
  • Royal Caribbean Show Description: “A visual spectacle of groundbreaking technology and live performance artistry. Starwater explores human emotion as our muse brings together the magic of the stars and the mysteries of the seas for this awe-inspiring experience.”
  • 4.12 stars


Now that we have shared one of our favorite shows from Quantum of the Seas, you tell us your favorite entertainment. Have you seen Starwater? Or is there another show from a different cruise ship that really rocked your boat? Drop us an anchor below to tell us about your preferred onboard entertainment.


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