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Remember that even though you are on vacation, exercise is still important!

Indulging in the many food and beverage selections on board will often leave you feeling like you need to be rolled off the ship in Homer Simpson fashion. Avoid that post-cruise weight gain by incorporating exercise in your daily routines. Remember that exercise comes in many forms so pick something you like or try something new, but bottom line– just have fun!

Here are some easy suggestions for burning extra calories during your cruise vacation.

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise

1. Walk or jog a few laps around the track.

Most ships will designate laps per mile, so set a goal for yourself and go at your own pace. Enjoy the fresh air and clear water views  as you walk or jog on the ship’s track and just remember to stay hydrated!

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise VacationAdd Exercise to Your Next Cruise – Go for a walk or jog

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you only need to go up a few decks to the pool, why not take the stairs? If you are walking down to the theater, casino, or main dining room, why not take the stairs? Small amounts of activity that are accumulated over the day still provide health benefits. Besides, you will probably get to your destination quicker than waiting for an elevator.

3. Take advantage of the cruise ship’s gym facilities.

Most cruise ships have fully equipped fitness centers with a variety of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. These facilities also include plenty of free weights and weight machines to meet your needs. The gym can become crowded at peak times, so plan your schedule accordingly to get your work-out in during quieter times of the day.

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise VacationAdd Exercise to Your Next Cruise – Use the gym

4. Participate in ship run exercises classes.

Most ships offer various exercises classes for all different fitness levels. Some classes are free for everyone to participate but others do charge a fee. Be sure to check your ship’s daily schedule for details on all activities and classes offered to find one that’s right for you.

5. Utilize other unique ship amenities to create your own workout.

Rock climbing walls, ice skating/roller skating rinks, sports courts, sports pools, ropes courses, surf simulators, and more!  Who said exercising couldn’t be fun? Try out all the amenities your ship has to offer so you will feel better about ordering that yummy dessert at dinner.

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise VacationAdd Exercise to Your Next Cruise – Create your own workout

6. Bust a Move.

If you feel like your days are booked with other activities both on and off the ship, why not get your exercise in later in the day by dancing the night away at the ship’s many entertainment venues. There is plenty of music and dancing to be had by all that is sure to burn some extra calories.

7. Be adventurous.

If you’d rather get your activity in off the ship, try a more strenuous shore excursion like kayaking, biking, hiking, walking tours, or other unique experiences in your port of call. Try something you like or try something new, but either way you are sure to break a sweat!

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise VacationAdd Exercise to Your Next Cruise – Take a hike


Keep in mind that these are just general exercise recommendations. If you have any health conditions, you should contact your doctor or physical therapist to determine what exercises are right for you.

Remember after any exercise routine, it is a good idea to stretch to keep your muscles flexible and ready to participate in all your cruise ship and ports of call have to offer!

So now that you’ve exercised, you can enjoy your vacation and make plenty of vacation memories without the post cruise pounds!


What are your exercise secrets? How will you add exercise to your next cruise? Share your tips and personal experiences below on how you have been able to incorporate exercise into your cruise vacation.

7 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Next Cruise

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