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Cruise News December 18, 2016

Still trying to get those last minute gifts or making final arrangements for the holidays? We have you covered if you have fallen a bit behind with all that     read more...

Our Favorite Coffee Shops on a Cruise

Our Five Favorite Coffee Shops on a Cruise

Late nights and early mornings mean that the Princess and I need our regular doses of coffee while on vacation. After more than a dozen sailings, we have sa     read more...

Cruise News December 4

Cruise News December 4, 2016

The latest edition of Cruise News December 4, 2016 is out. The holidays won't slow us down. While you were busy preparing for the holiday season, we were he     read more...

Cruise News November 13 2016

Cruise News November 13, 2016

Our latest edition of cruise news November 13, 2016 is out. Escape from the craziness of the past week with travel updates from major cruise lines including     read more...

Cruise News November 6

Cruise News November 6, 2016

Get the latest travel updates with this edition of Cruise News November 6, 2016. Find out what is happening onboard all of the newest cruise ships with news     read more...


Cruise News October 9, 2016

Our latest cruise news October 9, 2016 edition is out with updates from Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas, and more. We hope everyon     read more...

Cruise News September 25 2016

Cruise News September 25, 2016

We want to keep you informed with all of the juicy tidbits from the world of cruise travel. In this edition of cruise news September 25, 2016, we have all t     read more...

Cruise News September 18, 2016

Cruise News September 18, 2016

We are back with this week's latest from the cruise world. See which cruise line is going to hit you up for higher gratuity charges, plus the potential big     read more...


Cruise News September 11, 2016

Now that we are back on dry land, we have a brand new serving of cruise news September 11, 2016 to get you caught up on the latest cruise happenings. It loo     read more...

Cruise News August 21

Cruise News August 21, 2016

We have all you need to know about cruising with our weekly look at all of the most important cruise news for the week of August 21, 2016. This week, we hav     read more...

Cruise News August 14

Cruise News August 14, 2016

Our newest edition of cruise news is out! While not exactly a busy week in travel news, we have the latest developments from Carnival Cruise Line and update     read more...

Cruise News August 7, 2016

Cruise News August 7, 2016

Here is our latest edition of cruise news. This week, we have updates from Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, and even the Olympi     read more...

Cruise News July 31, 2016

Cruise News July 31, 2016

Our latest cruise news recap is available. More travel updates and ship details are featured in this week's summary. We have new articles from the likes of     read more...

Cruise News July 24 Feature

Cruise News July 24, 2016

Providing you the latest and greatest in cruise and travel related updates, we offer this week's installment of Cruise News July 24, 2016. While not a busy     read more...

Cruise News July 3, 2016

Cruise News July 3, 2016

Get the latest updates with this edition of our news recap. In this week's cruise news July 3, 2016, we look at updates to Royal Caribbean at the Port of Mi     read more...

Cruise News June 12

Cruise News June 12, 2016

We have our run down of the major headlines in Cruise News June 12, 2016. New this week are updates on a bunch of cruise ship refurbishments from Royal Cari     read more...

Best Alaskan Cruises

Best Alaskan Cruises Guide

Planning an Alaskan cruise? We give you our picks for the 10 best Alaskan cruises from the most popular cruise lines and ships sailing in this region. Wheth     read more...

Redfrog Pub and Brewery on Carnival Vista

RedFrog Pub and Brewery on Carnival Vista

Brand new updates about Redfrog Pub and Brewery on Carnival Vista. Learn more about the beers and brewmasters behind the first onboard brewery at sea in Nor     read more...

8 Biggest Cruise SHips feature

8 Biggest Cruise Ship Debuts of 2016

Some of the world's largest cruise ships are set to debut this year. From the largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas, to some of the most lux     read more...

Take a Cruise in 2016

Top 16 Reasons to Take a Cruise In 2016

As we say bon voyage to 2015, we take a look at the year ahead. In this post, we outline the top 16 reasons to take a cruise in 2016. Brand new ships, excit     read more...

All Inclsuive Cruises

Complete Guide to All Inclusive Cruises

Cruise vacations offer travelers a great value. For one price, food, entertainment, and many onboard amenities are yours to enjoy. However, not everything i     read more...

Cruise Ship Water Park

Wet and Wild Cruise Ship Water Park Attractions

Summer vacation time is finally here! If your plans include a cruise, odds are you are going to want to set aside some time for a little water-based, wet an     read more...

Cruise Ships Bars for Beer

Five Best Cruise Ship Bars for Beer Lovers

When some people think of cruise drinks, they may picture fruity drinks with umbrellas. Not me, and especially not on St. Patrick’s day! What I want on     read more...


Cruise News in Review: Top Cruise News Stories of 2014

We can’t believe that 2014 is coming to a close. What a great year for travel and for cruising. There were so many great developments and announcements th     read more...


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